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Unique Sensations

Unique Sensations


Year Established:    2010

Operator Name:   Connie Hart-Jamison, Stepney Buckman Sr.

Number of Employees from Calhoun County (include owners): 5

Location:  556 Bridge Street, St. Matthews, SC

Product(s) and Services: 

We provide complete packages for special events such as wedding receptions, anniversary parties, and community meetings. We also provide decorations and catering assistance.

When did you decide to start this type of business/join this organization?

We had been doing wedding receptions for many years and when we saw this building was available we decided to open the Hall.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as this business owner/organization member)?

We provide scholarships to deserving students, and we have such great community support.

What sets you apart from other businesses /organizations that people might support?

We hope to take away the stress of planning a big event to make it more enjoyable for the participants.

Do you have any other info you want to share?   

Our staff are very friendly, and the hall provides a clean inviting environment.  I think that’s why we have the great community support we do. Some aspects of great customer service can’t be explained, they can only be experienced.   Phone # 1-803-290-2333