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Sallie’s Greatest Herbal Fruit Jam


Telephone: 1-803-823-9075


Sallie’s Greatest specialty line of herbal fruit jams is made with the freshest produce possible – straight from the field to the jar! In addition to our line of jarred projects, we’re also developing a cookbook, Party in a Jar, giving cooks on all levels the tools needed to turn an everyday meal into an extraordinary dining experience with the simple twist of a lid. For years, my friends and family have raved over my creations. I feel that it’s just plain selfish to keep this secret in my inner circle…and being selfish isn’t being Southern!

“My jams are not just for breakfast,” she says matter-of-factly. “I’ve always been a ‘foodie,’ so I wanted to create jams for all of my favorite dishes, from appetizers and salads to grilled meats, panini sandwiches, deserts, and drinks!” Sallie tells me about all of her other flavors and combinations, from Blueberry + Lavender to Peach Pepper + Ginger. I’m so happy right now sitting on this front porch with Sallie. Her sincere southern charm and sweet disposition can be tasted in her jams. She continues to tell me her story and how it all started, but she doesn’t have to do this. Just sitting here listening to the crickets build a new symphony as the fireflies begin to light the night around us is all the explanation I need. Sallie’s jams are the local farmers, the fruits of their labor, the grace of her herbs, and the sustainability of southern life.

Sallie’s Greatest products include her famous jams and jellies as well as simple flavored syrups perfect for cocktails and sweet and savory recipes.

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