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Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, Inc


Street: 4830 Old State Road

Postcode: 29135

City: St. Matthews

State: SC

Long Description: Roselawn Memorial Cemetery, a locally-owned and operated perpetual care facility, opened for business in August 2010.  Roselawn has Rules and Regulations in place to safeguard the sacredness of the cemetery, to honor the dead, and to promote the beauty and attractiveness of the grounds for the generations to come. Conveniently located four miles north of St. Matthews, Roselawn is situated on a total of  15 acres. Four acres have been  beautifully developed for current use. Additional acreage will be developed as needed. Roselawn is a perpetual care cemetery which means maintenance of the facility is the responsibility of the cemetery owners and includes cutting grass, pruning of trees and shrubs, and maintaining walks, fences, roadways and buildings. Our mission is to provide a final resting place of dignity that is beautiful, peaceful, and also affordable.

Area of Operations