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Cooper Kinney’s


Street: 100 Killdeer Ct.

Postcode: 29030

City: Cameron

State: SC

So, here is the scoop! Created and marketed by Haley Aull Gulley and Anne Aull, this sauce has been a staple in their family since…well, forever. Like any warm and fuzzy family, Haley and her momma can disagree from time to time …I know everyone is shocked by this information…but stay with me. There has always been one thing they could agree on, and that’s the secret to good barbeque is always in the quality of the sauce used.

Haleys Grandaddy, Annes Father, created this recipe. He had a restaurant outside of Lexington, North Carolina and people loved his food, but especially his barbeque sauce. It’s a vinegar based, sweet yet spicy sauce perfect for pulled pork, brisket, pork chops and even hot slaw (don’t worry, that recipe is coming). He left the recipe for his sauce to his children and his daughter Anne decided to bottle it. Once bottled, she partnered with Haley to market and sell it! Our hope is that you love it just as much as we do! From our porch to yours, we hope you will enjoy our family sauce, remember, she does have claws and was NOT designed for man babies!


My family has been involved in hunting and the great outdoors my entire life. My fondest memories of childhood involved spending all afternoon in the dove field with my father and then carefully cleaning and wrapping the dove breast in bacon to grill and pour our family sauce over them.

We did so much quail, dove and deer hunting that we had an abundance of wild game in the fridge and freezer, so we started having friends and family over to eat whatever game we had harvested. We served all this with our family sauce, Cooper Kinney’s Famous Barbeque Sauce. Once we decided to have it packages so everyone could enjoy it, the recipes started rolling in. Some from Friends, but always delicious!

Don’t have a grill? Don’t let that stop you! I picked up these thick cut pork chops and soaked them in a mixture of Italian dressing and pineapple juice for about an hour. Topped with salt, pepper and Cavender’s seasoning and then cooked until golden brown with a little bit of olive oil in my cast iron skillet – once finished slather on the Cooper Kinney’s and you have yourself a meal fit for royalty.

But, what’s with the black bear? That doesn’t make any sense for Barbeque sauce! NOPE, and it doesn’t have to. You see, The Bear has a family significance. My Grandparents both died 6 months apart, we always said one followed the other due to a broken heart. When they were very ill, their favorite place to visit was North Carolina (which is where he created the sauce). On our last trip we passed a road side stand somewhere outside of Bat Cave. There we saw a man outside carving a black bear into a tree trunk with his chainsaw.

We had never seen anything like it and turned the car around and asked what he wanted for his black bear. He sold us his carving on the side of the road. It took 6 guys to load it into my mother’s car, I’m certain they were all related somehow but didn’t have the courage to ask how. My Grandfather named the bear ‘Cooper Kinney’ – He now sits proudly on my mother’s porch and we consider him good luck—It’s our sauce, but really it belongs to him (the black bear pictured below)

Why the Claws? This was also by design- if you notice Cooper Kinney has a hefty set of claws on him. We always joke in our family how you should never be afraid to show anyone your claws, and this sauce does in fact, have claws (a bite to it that isnt recommended for man babies or wimps). In the south some would consider it rude for a lady to show her claws (your aggressive side). Quite the opposite in my family. In fact, the ladies in our family are raised to sharpen them! It shows you have gumption. Be a southern bell, but don’t ever hesitate to show anyone you have claws and know how to sharpen them. As the only saying goes, we don’t hide crazy, we parade it on our porch and give it a cocktail, or in this case, a bottle of sauce!

So, from our porch to yours, thank you for considering our sauce, it would mean the world to us to be a part of your next family gathering.

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