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Inspire Real Change

Inspire Real Change

Organization Name: Inspire Real Change

Year Established: 2020

Operator Name: Treacy Dobbins,

Number of employees from Calhoun County: 2

Location: 120 Smoke Rise Lane, Gaston SC 29053


-Homeless Social Service Research Projects

-Homeless Social Service Community Assessments and Resource Development 

-Social Service Advocacy and Educational Events

-Community Enhancement Projects

Why did you decide to start this type of organization?

Inspire Real Change was founded out of a heart to better serve People and Communities. As homelessness continued to be a significant issue in many states to include South Carolina, we wanted to bring new ideas and solution-focused models to the homeless social service system. As a diverse team of Veterans, families, and community leaders we believe the current Homeless Social Services model can be effectively transformed to reflect a consolidated care structure with enhanced performance to reduce homelessness. 

What accomplishment are you most proud of?

2022 Social Services Advancement Project – Inspire Real Change partnered with the City of Columbia Task Force to Prevent and End Homelessness. Inspire Real Change completed the 2022 Social Services Advancement Project, which produced the first digital Social Service Network Catalog for Richland County, SC. This catalog includes 100+ social service programs and services. Additionally, we completed a social service assessment, which included 324 hours of data collection, development, and analysis. This assessment produced six observations, nine recommendations, and six solution-focused models. This information was instrumental in the development and implementation of Rapid-Shelter Columbia.

What sets you apart from other organizations that people might support?

Inspire Real Change is not a traditional homeless social service provider, as our mission is not to provide shelter or food. Our mission is founded in research with individuals experiencing homelessness and developing that data to find dynamic models to better serve People and Communities. As a community partner, we collaborate with other programs to complement services, as we focus on data development and finding solutions to reduce and end homelessness in South Carolina. 

Do you have any other info you want to share?

Inspire Real Change has a Racing Initiative “Racing to Reduce and End Homelessness.” This initiative is a platform to drive awareness of our mission in racing communities.  

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Description of photos:

Photo 1. Inspire Real Change and Rainy Day Fund partner to provide food and hygiene items to a local shelter. 

Photo 2. Informational Graphic for the Inspire Real Change – 2022 Biopsychosocial (BPS) in Homelessness Research Project. 

Photo 3. Inspire Real Change Racing Initiative – Darlington Raceway – Raising Awareness and Promoting Social Service Advancement to Reduce and End Homelessness.