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Calhoun Players

Calhoun Players

Organization: Calhoun Players

Year Established:  1980

Operator name:  Peggy Hirth, Director

Organization representatives from Calhoun County:  12 member Board of Directors

Other county participants? Numerous residents over the years have participated in theater productions, many of which are musicals.

Location:  Intersection of Hwy 33 and Hwy 176, Cameron, SC  29030

Products and services:  Our goal is to encourage and develop local talent to participate in musical theater productions. We currently have one show a year, usually in April. There is also a production each year by the children that participate in the Youth Performing Arts Theater summer camp. This group is a wing of the Players, and is a five-week educational program with a final production. 

Why did you decide to join this organization?   

I moved to the area about 15 years ago and having been involved with theater for many years, I saw a chance to lend my experience to the community theater.  

What accomplishment are you most proud of as a member of this organization?  We are so proud of the talent in our area and the quality of our productions; it’s not what people might expect for a small, rural area like ours. We have great singers and actors, and many of them have never participated in a theater production before. I’m also proud of the support that our Friends of the Calhoun Players group, our Board, families, and the general public demonstrate by supporting and coming to the shows.

I am also proud to have worked with the Calhoun Players to make the Performing Arts Youth Theater summer camp possible. It was started 2011 and has kids that return year after year. We have a lot of fun! This year, children will perform The Lion King, Jr. August 7-9 at Cameron Auditorium. There is no greater joy than helping children to develop in the theater.  

What sets you apart from other organizations that people might support?  

The Calhoun Players provide a special gift to the community. People don’t have to go far to see a production with very talented actors. It is the only theater in the area, and I’m so pleased to be a part of it.

Do you have any other info you want to share?  

We will be presenting The Sound of Music this spring, April 23-26 to celebrate our 40th Anniversary. We rely on support from the Friends of the Calhoun Players, private donations, grants, ticket sales, and sponsorships to do our productions. For more information on ways to get involved with or support the Calhoun Players, you can email us at or call Peggy at 803-826-6531. To purchase tickets, call 803-823-2824.