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Calhoun County Cares

Calhoun County Cares

Organization Name: Calhoun County Community Resource Development Board d/b/a “Calhoun County Cares”, a 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Charitable Organization

Established: 2004

Number of members from Calhoun County: 14 Board Members including four acting officers; approximately 20 work room volunteers; and two DSS advisors.

Location: 304 Agnes Street, St. Matthews, SC in the John Ford Community Center

Contact Info: Reta Westbury, Treasurer (803) 378-0921

From the proceeds of sale of donated items given and sold at the Thrift Store and some general cash donations, Calhoun Cares gives back to Calhoun County residents in many ways – provides funds via DSS for payment of utility bills, adult protective care, foster children hot meals, and housing for burned out victims; and provides funds directly to pharmacies for assistance in filling medical prescriptions, provides household items and clothing for burned-out victims, provides funds for supplies to three local public schools, provides funds for snack packs, scholarships, community events; the Free Clinic and the American Red Cross serving Calhoun County, camp fees; and building supplies for Salkehatchee to repair homes, and more. Recently provided funds for the children’s carnival at the Purple Martin Festival and will provide funds for the July 4th Community Fireworks Show. In past years, has provided over 300 meals for a Community Thanksgiving Dinner but due to Covid, this has been stopped. Calhoun Cares accepts requests for needs of Calhoun County residents and groups; however, all funds are used solely for Calhoun County residents and where a need is justified and approved by the Board of Directors. No individuals are paid directly.

Why did you decide to join this organization?
To enhance the standard of living of all Calhoun County residents; to work together to have a safe, educated, beautiful, unified and productive community to raise families; to maintain an active partnership with the community, county and governmental agencies that result in improvements to our area; to foster elevation of education, employment, business and quality of life; to promote leadership and development for immediate and long term needs; to develop and advance effective programs of human relations which minimized problems of racial, ethnic, sexual, age, handicap and other forms of prejudice; to provide community development through effective, appropriate action and to combat community deterioration through activity designed to improve economic conditions and economic opportunities; and to work together on problems of common concern.

What accomplishment are you most proud of?
This organization is proud of every single gift it gives back to Calhoun County and is very thankful for all donations and the support it receives from our community to help it help others.
There is no ONE special accomplishment – they are all special.

What sets you apart from other organizations that people might support?
This organization is operated solely by dedicated volunteers who give freely of their time, love, energy and efforts to provide its services. There are NO PAID employees. We are NOT a county government agency. New volunteers are always needed, wanted and welcomed. Without volunteers, this organization would cease to exist.

Do you have any other info you want to share?
If any one is interested in volunteering, please call 803-874-4981; leave a message and someone will get back with you. All are welcome to join in working hard to help others.

FYI: The following shows what was given back to the County in past years:
2018-19 $61,562.42
2019-20 $57,584.71
2020-21 $34,242.80 *
2021-22 $42,274.48 *
Our fiscal year for 2022-23 will end on June 30, 2023.
*During the Covid Pandemic, the Thrift Store was mostly closed and places we normally donated to were not open but we still provided funds to help those in need.