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Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Business name:  Bonnie Brunt Cakes

Year Established:  2009

Operator name:  Bonnie Brunt

Number of employees:  8

Location:  440 Great Circle Dr. St. Matthews, SC, 29135

Products and Services: We specialize in combining art, baking, and Southern hospitality to create beautiful wedding cakes, memorable grooms’ cakes, delightful birthday cakes, and cakes to meet our customers’ needs.

Why did you decide to start this business?  I was a graphic designer and baked cakes for various friends and events as a hobby.  My husband said “Why don’t you start making cakes and start a business”. So we built a state of the art kitchen in the basement, then we expanded it twice. Now the kitchen is a 1600 sq. ft. bakery and almost not big enough again and we have 7 employees.

What accomplishments are you most proud of?  I have more than 250-5 star reviews on google from people who have tasted the cakes. 

What sets you apart from other businesses that people might support?  The quality of the art and product we offer. I have skilled artists who work with me, one works in pastry art and another in studio art.  The cakes we make are really works of art.  

Do you have any other info you want to share?  Customers can schedule tastings on line and tasting kits can be ordered on line and shipped. We can schedule consultations on line also.  We do deliveries to Charleston and all over South Carolina, and Charlotte, NC. Our website is, phone # 803-655-7467.