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ACE Leather & Knife Works

ACE Leather & Knife Works

Year established:  2015

Operator:  John Medlin

Number of employees from Calhoun County:  1

Products and Services:   The products I provide are knives and leatherworks which are decorative as well as serviceable.  They are custom made according to the customer’s specifications. I offer classes and demonstrations on blacksmithing making knives, hatchets, hammers anything with iron.  I make leather holsters and knife sheaths to protect knives. 

Why did you decide to start this type of business?  It started out as a hobby and developed into a business.  I am pretty much self-taught but I did take some classes also to perfect this skill.

What accomplishments are you most proud of as the owner of this business? I was able to be on the Forged in Fire TV show which is on the history channel (season 6, episode 7) during which I competed with other blacksmiths.  I came in second. It was an exciting experience. I like seeing repeat customers for my classes and meeting people who have heard about my work from other people and enjoy seeing what I do.      

What sets you apart from other businesses that people might support?  I provide something you can’t get anywhere else. I enjoy working with people and seeing their enjoyment when they’ve made a piece that I showed them how to make. 

Do you have any other info you want to share?  My business can be found on Facebook and Instagram as well as Google. I can be reached by calling 803-707-3828.