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Keeping Calhoun County Connected


Calhoun Connects provides information to help everyone promote a vibrant, connected, proud community and strong local economy. We want to help you let people know what's going on across the county and how they can support the businesses and organizations that make Calhoun County a great place to live, work, shop, and worship.  Our mission is to help every Calhoun County resident to be aware, to belong, and to feel proud of their community. 

Calhoun Connects is in the process of applying for 501(c)3 status and does not advocate for any political or religious cause.


Calhoun Connects is a project facilitated by the Calhoun County Library, working with a steering committee made up of committed people across the county.

  • Marilyn Amaker
  • Judy Barnes
  • Thomas Brunt
  • George Gibbes
  • Troy Hood
  • Gary Jones
  • Frank McLeod
  • Melissa McLeod
  • John Nelson
  • Sallie Dent Porth
  • Lee Prickett
  • Sheila Rivers
  • Kristen Simensen


Fundraising listings should be limited to causes that are explicitly relevant to Calhoun County. Do not use Calhoun Connects to promote fundraisers for non-local causes or for organizations that do not serve Calhoun County. We recommend that local fundraising events with a specific day and time be posted in the Events Calendar also. Where possible, include links to online payment portals such as GoFundMe pages to facilitate donations. All Listings must provide a specific contact person as well as a phone number or email.


  • School fundraisers
  • Scouts organizations
  • Youth sports and recreation organizations
  • Local pet shelters/animal welfare organizations
  • Local arts, education, and community service organizations
  • Local food banks, charity walk/run, etc.
  • Local nature and environmental organizations
  • Local disaster relief or emergency assistance for Calhoun County residents
  • Church and religious organizations

Not Allowed:

  • Requesting donations for non-local causes
  • Requesting donations for one's own personal expenses or business needs, or for members of one's household
  • Requesting donations for political candidates or parties


Contact Kristen ksimensen@calhouncountylibrary.org, or call at the Library 1-803-874-3389.